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An exotic culinary experience in a luxurious setting

Sokolovská 161/71, Praha 8 - Karlín
Do you know what makes us the best rated Indian restaurant in the Czech Republic?
Oriental ambience
that evokes a sense of harmony and peace.
Authentic Indian Decor
Furniture and all decorative elements are brought directly from India.
Two floors with a total area of 440m2
We are the largest Indian restaurant in Prague. We have ample space for your parties, celebrations and gala dinners. Contact us if you would like to arrange any of these with us.
Indian and Indo-Chinese Culinary Delights
We collected for you some of the most unique and rare delicacies served at the feast of nobles of India.
Our authentic spices and some of our ingredients are imported directly from India.
We use only fresh and healthy products from suppliers who are very carefully selected.
Live Kitchen
in which you can watch how your food is prepared in a traditional Indian clay oven tandoor.
We have two tandoors at once. One is for meat and the other is for vegetarian meals. Both are of the highest quality, purchased and imported directly from India.
Cozy lounges
with subdued lighting for those looking for privacy or having a party.
High quality service
Sangam is managed by highly professional and skilled personnel having vast experience in hospitality and Indian cooking. With us, you will always feel like a welcome guest.
All this allows us to provide you with a truly unique experience. Come and see for yourself!

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Opening hours:

Mon - Fri 11.00 - 22.30

Sat - Sun 12.00 - 22.45

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Restaurant address:
Sokolovská 161/71, Praha 8 — Karlín

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday from 11.00 to 22.30

Saturday-Sunday from 12.00 to 22.45

Phone: +420 770 629 001

Feel free to contact us for any questions. We are available to you by phone or via chat.

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